Q: I need to break my lease prior to the end of my fixed term tenancy.

A: Please call us with your situation, we will advise you & try to assist with the best possible solution for you.

Q: I'm finishing my lease soon, what to do next?

A: Please make sure you sent us minimum of 28 days notice to vacate by email to us. (sample attached below)


Dear Property Manager,

RE: Your Rental property address

we refer to the above, we would like to advise you on our intention to vacate the premises on ..................

Many thanks,


Your name


Q: What to do after I serve my notice to vacate?

A: Prepare with your packing and removal of your furniture from the property at the end of your notice to vacate date.

Q: Do I need commercial Cleaner at the end of my tenancy?

A: We recommended this option to ensure you returned the property in clean & acceptable condition, Failure to do so can result in delay on finalizing your bond & Cleaner to be engaged to redo the cleaning.

Q: Which area that i need to pay attention should i choose to clean the property ourself?

A: PLease find attached check list below



Living room/ dining area/ Bedroom:

- Wipe all the walls from scuff marks

- Wipe the skirting board with wet cloth/ Sugar soap

- Wipe the door & Mirror & All Windows

- Engage a proffesional cleaner to steam clean/ dry clean the carpet.

Bathroom Area

- Scrub the shower screen, tiles and wash basin from soap scum

- Vaacum clean the exhaust fan

- Clean and wipe the bathroom vanity and mirror

Kitchen Area:

- Clean the rangehood from the oil spill

- Wipe the kitchen bench & all the cupboard

- Wipe clean the stove surface

- Clean the inside oven & all the baking tray

- Run the dishwasher in hot water to clean the machine for the next occupant 

Outdoor area (if applicable)

- Clean all the external windows

- Quick Scrub the external tiles from dirt

- Clean the gutter from fallen leaves and other debris