Q: I need maintenance work on my property?

A: PLease visit our website and fill in your maintenance request, we do need this request in writing

Q: Can I have more keys or swipe for my apartment?

A: In certain circumstances, you can email the request to us in writing for our consideration/ simply fill in the maintenance request form.

Q: I forgot my keys and could not get in to the house, what can i do?

A: In most cases, we do keep a spare copy of the keys, depending on the time, you can call us & we will try to assist.(some fees applied) Alternatively, you can call our recommended locksmith

Q: When do we need to pay our rent?

A: Rent is payable in advance every month, week or fortnightly. more than 14 days in arrears might resulted in notice to vacate being issued and postage fees chargeable to you.

Q: How can we pay our rent?

A: We prefer an Internet Transfer from your bank account, our banking details as follow: 

     Vantage Point Realty TRUST ACCOUNT

     BSB : 033 146

     Account: 270 274

     Refference:  XXXX12331 (4 letter of your property address follow by your unit number)